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Unusual Activity Gifts for Friends

Unusual Activity Gifts

Meta Description: Do you want to gift someone an unusual activity gift? Are you bored of the usual chocolates, cakes or such other items? Here is what you can do.

Are you bored of always gifting chocolates, cakes or clothes to your special friends for their special occasions? Do you want to gift them something unusual that they will love and will always make them remember your gesture? Here are some unusual activity gifts you can consider gifting.

Unusual Activity Gifts

A man in a wet suit is surfing in the ocean

Is your friend’s birthday approaching soon? Do you want to do something funny, adventurous and amazing for them and with them? Here are some options.

Trekking Enrolment

If your friend loves trekking, you can gift them this fabulous gift on their special day. Gift them a trekking trip ticket or enrolment voucher to their favorite mountain side or with their favorite company that they always wanted to experience. If you have the budget or time, enroll yourself too for this unusual activity gift. This gift will bring more cherished memories than gifting flowers, chocolates or cakes.

Spa Gift

You can also gift a spa voucher to your friend for a pampering birthday gift. Other than the usual birthday gift choices, this one will prove to be unique and will have more importance in the mind of your friend. You can even book a spa session for a couple or just give a single voucher to your friend.

Haunted House Tickets

How about gifting your friend a ticket to the haunted house? If your friend loves eerie things and ghosts, he/she will love this gift and will be excited to try it out. You too can tag along if you want or just send your friend alone. This one will prove to be a very special and unusual activity gift.

Treasure Hunt

How about arranging for a treasure hunt for your friend at your place or at your friend’s place. Buy a main gift for your friend, but hide it somewhere in your house. Place chits or hints everywhere and let one thing lead to another clue until your friend finally finds his gift. This will be an exciting and unusual activity gift that your friend will love.

Mystery House Tickets

Do you have a newly opened mystery room in your city? If your friend loves to solve mysteries then take them to this mystery house and try to solve it together. This will be a fun and unusual activity gift for someone’s birthday.

Boating and Watersports

If you live in a city that has a sea and some thrilling boating and water sports activities, then you can gift your friend an outing for these unusual activities on their birthdays. This will prove to be a day full of fun and entertainment for both of you.

This way, you can gift plenty of different and unusual activity gifts to your friends and family members if you really want to do something special and different from the ordinary. This special occasion, try something new and do not invest time and money on the usual cakes and chocolates.

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