Tying the Knot With Cotton Anniversary Gifts

cotton anniversary gifts

A cotton anniversary is a special event, made even more so when you give gifts made out of the finest fabric around. When we hear the words “cotton” we usually think of cotton candy, and yes, there is a lot of cotton candy in our lives. But, beyond that, there are many other materials that make wonderful gifts and cotton are on the list. So, no matter what you know about cotton, or if you’ve only recently discovered its beauty and versatility, these cotton anniversary gifts will be exactly what you are looking for.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts

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Caring for cotton is part of the reason that it is such a wonderful second wedding anniversary gift. After all, the material is so versatile that it can handle a variety of different activities, keeping people from being bored, irritated, or worried about it. Of course, cotton is also the traditional fabric for second wedding anniversary gifts but do not let that keep you from perusing through this list of amazing cotton anniversary gifts. The material comes in so many useful and beautiful forms, meaning it’s a perfect gift for practically any season.

A Pretty Cotton Scarf

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One of the most popular second wedding anniversary gifts is actually a pretty cotton scarf, available in so many great colors that everyone in your life will love it! For a more traditional look, try one with a golden button. Or, maybe choose one in a lovely gold color to celebrate the unique wedding colors. You can even buy them in coordinating silks to help celebrate the unique silks that are synonymous to this special occasion. Any of these gorgeous scarves are a perfect gift for your significant other to enjoy on his or her special day.

Cotton Duvet Cover Or Comforter Set

Another great anniversary gift idea is a cotton duvet cover or comforter set. This is a very common choice for people celebrating their marriage, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. A lot of them come with some sort of special engraving, and they are often trimmed with silk flowers to add to the beauty of the ensemble. Duvet covers and comforters are also very practical gifts, since they are incredibly easy to wash. They are also very comfortable, and if the couple loves to sleep in slippers, then these are the ideal solution to ending up tossing and turning all night in the winter!

If you would like to welcome your husband or wife to their next wedding, consider giving them some gorgeous 2 year’s fabric that they can use after the wedding. This is a really thoughtful gift, since every married couple needs a place to rest after their big day, and this is a perfect gift that will be used for years. It is also a great idea if you live near a beach, because a comforter set could be a welcome addition to their bedroom for a romantic getaway.

Another great idea is to give a cotton ball to use as a shoe cover. Any couple who has ever been on a road trip knows how annoying it can be to find your shoes in the sand or on the side of the road. A cotton ball is perfect for use on the road, because it is soft and comfortable, and it can easily be removed so the couple can wipe off the sand and get their shoes ready for the trip. Every day the couple can pull out the cotton ball, put it in their car and look for the pair of sneakers they love. They won’t have to spend hours searching for their favorite shoes again!

Outfit For Husband Or Wife

If you want to give an outfit to your husband or wife that will last for a long time, give them something that is made from cotton fabric. It is hard to go wrong with polo shirts, because even though they have gotten quite a bit of wear over the years, they still look great. A classic polo shirt looks fresh and new when it is presented as a gift, and a cotton fabric shirt will not fade or get wrinkled like other shirts will. It is easy to care for, and it is a very practical gift.


Of course, no cotton gift would be complete without a little personalization. This is the perfect time to ask your husband or wife to sign their name on all of the gifts you buy for them. There are many different ways to do this, and it is up to you to decide what is best. Many people prefer to have each individual name printed on the gifts, while others prefer to see the entire name on the gift. Whatever suits you and your husband or wife is the right choice for your gifts, and you can’t go wrong if you make these decisions.

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