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Spiritual Gifts Youth Group Activity

spiritual gifts youth group activity

Think about your favorite movie scene that probably plays out this way: Two things are joined together, and something magical happens. Maybe it’s two halves of a coin, a key and a lock, or a carved piece that fits a carved out shape in a wall.

There is something similar to this in the Christian walk: It’s the process of finding God’s call on your life. For some, it’s a moment; for others it’s a journey. No matter how it comes about, one thing that is definitely part of the process is your spiritual giftedness. Similar to coins, locks and carvings in movies, when you are joined with your spiritual giftedness, something magical happens. Yet it’s more than magic; it’s God’s supernatural power working in you.

The reality plays out this way:

The What

The Bible has three main passages that teach about spiritual gifts. The verses below are snippets from each passage. Read these verses from your Bible; if you’re not comfortable marking in your Bible, print them out on a separate sheet of paper. As you read, do these things:

1. Draw a smiley face over references to you.

2. Draw a gift box over words such as gift or give.

3. Draw a symbol over references to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. (You may want to use a different symbol for each reference, such as a cloud for God, a cross for Jesus and a flame for the Holy Spirit).

The So What

A palm tree

Take a minute to review all the things you just discovered about yourself, gifts and God—all the things you just marked. Use that info to answer these questions:

  • Where do spiritual gifts come from?
  • What are they used for? What’s the purpose?
  • Who gets a spiritual gift? Who distributes spiritual gifts?

Based on these verses, why is it important to seek out your spiritual giftedness? What do you have to benefit? What do others have to benefit from you experiencing your spiritual giftedness?

Seal the Deal

The verses you just explored teach us about spiritual gifts. The verses referenced below actually list the different spiritual gifts. You’ll notice each passage contains different gifts. Take a minute to compile a list of the different gifts that are noted in all the passages. This list can be your gateway into discovering God’s call on your life. Focus on three or four gifts that interest you. Think about how each of these might be represented in your youth ministry. Then try them out! The best way to know if you have a particular gift is to serve in a named area of giftedness (such as helps, administration, mercy, etc.) and see if your work has any impact. In other words, are people encouraged and ministered to by your presence and actions?

As you experience your giftedness you will find yourself being used by God in ways you can’t imagine. Just as in the movies, two things will be joined together (you and your gifts), and something magical will happen!

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