Six Years Anniversary Gifts For That Special Someone -

Six Years Anniversary Gifts For That Special Someone

six years anniversary gifts

Get Six Years Anniversary Gifts for the One You Love. Six year anniversary gift-the one where you locked quarantined mugs for him/her, six 6th wedding anniversary, sweet friend’s coffee mug, whatever you can think of. If you’re getting close to what to give for your love, and all you have is “what” and “when”, fear not. There are gifts out there for everyone on this list. Here’s a few to pick from:


A close up of a flower

Six years ago, this would be an awkward gift. Today, with a lot more choices, it’s still a thoughtful, tasteful gift. Jewelry has gone from a gold box, two heart-shaped pendants, to hand-crafted, to beaded beauties. A pendant might be just the thing for an anniversary-studded diamond-studded pendant.


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Want to say “Happy Birthday” without being rude? Then get her/him a bouquet. They work best when arranged in flower-shape bouquets. This makes it easier to add her/his favorite flowers, which also means less hassle.

Or go for a traditional wreath made of fresh boughs of flowers, which can be placed right next to the gift wrapped present.


Six years ago, the idea of a honeymoon was unheard of, so if you had plans, they must have been amazing. Today, you can choose from a variety of destinations, from Europe and Asia to Bermuda and Montana. Just remember to spend some time together-away from gadgets, TV, phone calls, and the like. Just give your sweetheart some alone time to share a few moments, a few hours of snuggling, cuddling, kissing, and more.

Jewelry. As long as you don’t plan to leave the country during the anniversary year, you can still surprise your recipient with a lovely piece of jewelry. There’s no better way to show someone you love them deeply than with a gorgeous diamond solitaire pendant or a piece of platinum wedding jewelry. Jewelry is the classic way to show someone you care, and the anniversary gift is a perfect way to make sure your special someone knows how much you care.

A Cookbook

Cookbooks are a surprisingly thoughtful present to give any couple, since not everyone loves to cook. However, if your recipient does, why not buy them one and make them the envy of the neighborhood? You can find cookbooks in every grocery store, plus online. A CD or DVD. Six years is an incredibly long time, so if you really want to honor your anniversary and make your loved one feel special, give them something they can enjoy for a lifetime. These unique gifts are ideal for people who love music but hate to travel.

You can find movies, music, and even personal videos online. Make someone’s birthday a truly unforgettable event by giving them this unforgettable gift. Don’t forget about anniversary gifts for men. Gifts for men are sometimes even more difficult to choose than gifts for women, simply because men don’t like the usual gag gifts like t-shirts and videos. However, you can still choose a handsome gift for him, whether it’s a desk set cufflinks, a watch, a book, or even a personal video that he can watch on his computer when he gets home.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always a hit, and you can give your loved one anything from chocolates to flowers to wine to spa kits. He or she will certainly be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift, and he or she will appreciate the extra effort you put into it. You can find lovely gift baskets online or at many stores.

Get a unique stuffed animal. Stuffed animals have always been a favorite gift, and they never go out of style. Your anniversary gift recipient will love getting a stuffed animal, and it will be a special reminder of the special time you two have spent together. If you want to give a pet a unique gift, look online or at local pet stores for some great options.


No matter what six years mean to you and your partner, you’ll know it’s a perfect anniversary gift for your sweetie. The options are limitless, and your gift is sure to show how much you really care. So when your six years of love comes, give a wonderful gift that they’ll cherish forever!

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