Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set 18pcs

This product is a complete set of clothes that is, needed by a baby. This newborn baby clothing set has 18 pieces of clothes for a baby. The set comes with pants, socks, jackets, towels, and toys. The material used in the making of all these items is cotton fabric. Thus, it is comfortable and safe for babies.

It also comes in different colors, such as yellow, blue, and pink. As we know, buying clothes and toys for a baby is difficult, as you have to see they are comfortable and safe. So, this product is a perfect gift for a baby, as it will give great comfort to the baby and is safe as well. Hence, purchasing this product can be worthy for you in many ways as it has privileges for the baby.

Items Of Clothing Included

The items of clothing incorporate many things such as a top, pants jacket, and many more. Here are some details about the items:

Top: This item is a full sleeve shirt which is easy to remove and wear. It has a tie lace design. You can use this item long enough, and it fits your baby easily.

Foot Socks: This is a very essential foot cover, which is comfortable to wear. Thus, this makes it perfect for your baby. This product is, made light material, and is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin and bones.

Jacket: This item has many benefits, as it is a perfect outdoor wear for your baby. It keeps your baby warm and safe in cold weather. The collars and design of this item add more style and warmth.

Pants: The garter design of the pants make it easy to pull the pant above the waist of your baby. Thus, this item fits perfectly and therefore, is not too loose or tight.

Hat: This item is very important and is made of a material that will keep your baby protected from cold weather.

Handkerchief and Bibs: Thesetirems are very useful. You can easily remove the dirt from the skin or face of your baby. Also, this item is safe as it is made of soft material.

Hence, the above given are the essential items you will find in this set. There are other items also such as mittens and burp cloths. These items are also necessary as they are handy and are helpful in many ways.

Features Of Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set 18pcs

  • This product is perfect for the skin of your baby.
  • The clothing set is comfortable and is super soft to wear.
  • This product is breathable and thus, perfect for any kind of weather.
  • The set includes 18 pieces making it the complete set for clothing, from head to toe.
  • It comes in a size that fits your baby. Thus, perfect for up to 1-year-old infants.
  • The material used in the making of this product is cotton fabric.
  • It is available in different colors such as yellow, blue, and pink.
  • The design of the clothes is also beautiful.
  • It is ideal to use in any weather; hence, best for gifting a baby. You can give this product in gift to moms to be on their baby shower, and they will love it.
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