Modern Anniversary Gifts - Tips For A Man -

Modern Anniversary Gifts – Tips For A Man

modern anniversary gifts

Maybe you met your fiance over a beer in a bar you both like to frequent, or maybe you met at work and became friends on the first day. Regardless of when and where these special moments took place, you’re sure to enjoy them to the fullest once you share your experience with someone special through one of these fine gifts. Whether it’s your wife, husband, brother or best friend who you want to give the gift to, you’re sure to find something he’ll cherish forever.

If it’s your friend’s wedding anniversary, he’ll definitely appreciate thoughtful gifts of wine, home accessories, home decorations, gifts for him alone, gift baskets and other memorable items that combine both personal taste and a modern theme. For example, there’s a beautiful sterling silver wall clock with a heart design that would make an ideal wedding anniversary theme present. Another great option is elegant crystal bookends that would enhance any home.

A Variety Of Heart-Shaped Colors

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, consider giving a heart compact that comes in a variety of heart-shaped colors; pink, yellow, white, purple, burgundy and amethyst. Some options include heart shaped soaps, coasters, knives, silver picture frames and even wine stoppers. The pink amethyst option on a Valentine’s Day gift list is especially popular because many women love to accent their Valentine’s Day apparel with an accent color.

Women love anything with lace on it, so why not select a modern gift of lingerie? Lace corsets, nightgowns, camisoles and negligees are very popular with lace fans. A lace cover-up for a wedding gown would be absolutely stunning! You can find lace corsets in solid colors as well as patterns like stripes, plaid and polka dots. For the ultimate in luxury, there is a satin lace corset that will fit absolutely perfectly.

Hard To Shop

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Men are quite hard to shop for, but if you’re really stuck, give them something they’ll love: a beautiful silverware collection. There are so many great designs to choose from, including classic, contemporary and sports designs. Some men prefer wallets, watches or cuff links. But whatever they may prefer, a nice silver spoon or fork set would be a perfect anniversary gift. Silverware also goes well on an end table collection.

For those of us who prefer the timeless look, birthstones make a wonderful theme. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are all favorites, along with the more colorful rubies and sapphires. If you have gemstones already that you want to incorporate into your theme, by all means use them. But if you’re on a tight budget, don’t hesitate to just purchase gemstones one at a time and then arrange them in a way that suits your theme.

Traditional Gifts

It’s sure to make your husband or wife smile every time they see it. In addition to traditional gifts like diamonds and gemstones, consider the more affordable options such as acrylic gemstone necklaces. These are often made of sterling silver and have an acrylic insert with a number of birthstones pebbled in it.

The necklaces have beautiful filigree artwork etched into the stones and are suitable for a man who loves to accent his wardrobe with jewels. Or, for a more modern feel, you could purchase a faux-titanium collar with a round accent bead that holds a single faux diamond or gemstone.


Of course, if you’re looking for something with a more feminine touch, don’t be afraid to give beautiful gold jewelry as a modern anniversary present. Women love anything with an intricate design and gold jewelry is an obvious choice. Whether you choose a small round gold pendant or a large ring set with multiple smaller bands, there are many options to choose from in gold.

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