Makeup Gift Box For Every Woman

makeup gift box

A Makeup gift box is perfect to pack your makeup in a decorative way. The sturdy box is sufficient enough to safeguard your valuable products and makes it look even more desirable. Here, each box is personalized as per your specific needs. And get them sold out from stock as soon as possible. This makes your customers enjoy your brand products even more.

Makeup Gift Box

Gift Box

You can customize your makeup gift box according to your specific needs. From sheer foundation to full eye lining liquid, from concealer to highlighter liquid, each box varies widely in sizes and prices. Generally all makeup kits are available for sale in the market, which includes brushes, powder, eye shadow, blushes, lipsticks, bronzer, foundation and several other products. Depending upon your taste and requirements, you can purchase these makeup products from a variety of reputed manufacturers like Maybelline, L’Oreal, makeup artists and many more.


Gift Box

You can choose your makeup gift box that suits your needs. The size of it depends on the size of your face or body. The number of lipsticks you pack into it depends on your requirement. Makeup Brush Set, Lipstick Set, Tilt-Aid Set, Cheek-Flush Set and Lipstick Set are some popular options available for your consideration.

Assortment of different colors

If you are thinking of giving lipsticks, then select a large lipstick set including matte shades, glosses and neutral shades. For eyes, you can select from an assortment of different colors ranging from cool browns to deep purples, from light lavender to deep amethyst and many more. With a large size makeup box, you can safely pack lipsticks in a separate box and avoid scratching it with your fingers. You can have a variety of shades including sheer, medium and dark tones to make your lips look beautiful.


Another product worth considering in your makeup gift box is eyeshadow. If you want to have a great look for your eyes, then you must buy a pair of eyeshadow. A large palette that contains different shades of eyeshadow is highly Pigmented shades such as Hazel, brown, charcoal and gray, which will enhance your eyes and provide you a glamorous look. The best thing about eyeshadow is that you can get highly pigmented shades, which can be easily used by applying them on your eyelid. When selecting eyeshadow, you must opt for matte shades, as they last longer.


Your next choice in best makeup gift sets should be blushes. There are lots of different options available in a lip gift set including Lip Shimmers, Lip Liners and Lip Stains. For a daytime look, you can choose from sheer and light colors such as ivory, green and pinkish shades. For a romantic look, you can use gold, silver and bronze colors. For the evening look, bright colors such as red and pink can be chosen.


To complete your makeup gift box, you need a lip liner and a lipstick. A lip liner will help you to draw the shade of lipstick on your lips so that you can apply it smoothly. This will give you a perfect look every time. A large brush with high quality pigmented shades such as Warm Light and Cool Heat will make drawing the shades on your lips a lot easier. You can choose from either shimmery or matt lips.

Eyebrows and eyeliner are also must-haves in a makeup gift set. Choose a color that enhances your eyebrows and highlights your eyes, such as Golden Moss Green and Twilight Black. If you want a dramatic look for your eyebrows, you can buy eyebrow pencils made from synthetic mica or metal.

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