Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark


The potential card designs are truly memorable when you customize and great your own with a heartfelt message. Besides, creating an online card opens the door to a broad spectrum of opportunities, whether with background, sizes, fonts, or themes. Finally, once happy with your creation, you can share it via social media, or print it to gift your loved one. Let’s know more about Stunning Greeting Cards in this article.

How To Make Customized Greeting Cards

1. Choosing The Card Of The Right Size

While you are hunting for a card, remember that there are several sizes to choose from. Besides, go through the selection of the “standard” option for your choice. However, make your card with a “square”  or “portrait” or “poster” option to make it more standard.

Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark
Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark

2. Selection Of An Interesting Theme

As a starting point in your design, keep your options open. Be sure to choose from a wide variety of themes. However, do not become broken-hearted if your card doesn’t turn up as your expectation. You can add some touches and detailed changes later.

3. Add A Touch Of Personality

You can choose the option of whether to customize your background with your photo or select from the creative common. Besides, you also get the opportunity to customize the background choosing the right color from the palette. All you need to do is click the palette link at the top tier of the design page. After clicking, you will experience a whole lot of your favorite customized color shades. Finally, you can click on each shade to see how they view or look on your card.

4. Select Your Heartfelt Customized Text

Here is your only chance to build a personal or customized text with real meaning. All you need to do is type the required text using the ‘edit’ option. Once you create the text, you can make multiple changes regarding its font, shape, spacing, opacity, color, and alignment.

Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark
Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark

5. Final Cue To Share Or Download The Card

Once you remain satisfied with your card creation, you can either share it via Twitter, Email, Facebook or download the card for printing. Besides, you can also share it via Adobe Spark. Once you generate the link from Adobe, you can cut, copy, and paste anywhere you choose or like.

Creation Of A Customized Text With Meaning

The use of Adobe Sparks plays with potential design combos in the making of a customized card. Besides, you can play and experiment around with various combos, color, themes, sizes, text, and images. Either, you can play around with the different photo filters for your perfect design, or drag and click and drag the text to position or resize. Also, you can create unique web cards and video cards using the Sparks Video and Spark Page feature.

Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark
Make Stunning Greeting Cards Free With Adobe Spark

Essential Spark Features

  • You can select from an array of professionalism that doesn’t allow for beautiful typography.
  • However, you can customize your iconic imagery from Abode Lightroom, Creative Cloud, Google Photos, or Cloud.
  • Besides, you can explore and experiment with a variety of best-in-class fonts, colors, and layouts.  Also, you can tweak in some of your favorite icons, photos, or text to customize your needs.