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Leather Anniversary Gifts for Your Wedding Anniversary

leather anniversary gifts

The traditional three year anniversary is traditionally leather, which is also symbolic of the union coming to a point of prolonged, practical durability. The modern three-year anniversary present is usually crystal (or glass, or porcelain), which has an impressive beauty, but is still quite fragile, both in important ways…

What Does The Crystal Represent?

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First, what does the crystal represent? Some women just like the clear sparkle of crystal. Other women will prefer their gift to be made of something other than clear. Crystal represents elegance, luxury and sophistication, so there’s something here for everyone. But a diamond is quite dramatic and might not be all that appropriate for a quiet, unassuming anniversary, where the gift should be more understated.

Silver is another popular choice for a leather anniversary present. Sterling silver is elegant, although it can be rather pricy. Many people like to choose something a bit more affordable, and will therefore choose a piece of handmade leather that they can adorn with crystals or other decor. This would be a great idea for a less formal anniversary present – something that would be better placed on a mantel or kept close to a collection of crystal wine glasses.


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Moonstone is another popular gift idea for anniversaries. Moonstone represents the feminine aspect of the zodiac and is often worn as a bracelet. Many people are drawn to it because it is both lovely to look at and has strong jewellery implications. Moonstone makes a very thoughtful gift for your special woman.

A traditional third anniversary is the time when you give your date a gift. This can be an incredibly difficult decision to make, because everyone wants to get them something really spectacular, but what is the point in doing so if it’s not the right gift? A lot of people choose a leather anniversary gifts such as a leather journal or diary, or some other form of personalised presents. These can be anything from a leather bound notebook to a leather photo album. Leather photo albums are a great present for women who want a practical way of storing photos for a long time to come.

Try Something That Is Unique And Different

If you really want to put together three year anniversary present ideas, why not try something that is unique and different? An engraved watch would be fantastic for a man and could be presented with a gift certificate for a golf game. For a woman, flowers are always a popular choice, and there are plenty of beautiful options on the market. A box of gourmet chocolate with a note saying how much you love her is always a popular choice.

Summing Up

An anniversary present for men is always a bit of a hard call. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, as they are more likely to go to the same pub and drink beer with their friends every night than go out to buy a gift. However, there are plenty of special anniversary presents that can be picked out specifically for a man. An electric razor is a great gift idea for most any man, especially if he uses it regularly, or uses it to shave off his eyebrows. Some men like to have a photo frame with their photos placed into it at all times, so an electronic photo album is always a popular gift. Whatever you decide on, make sure that it is something that means a lot to him.

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