Ideas For Cheap Wedding Gifts That the Newly Weds Can Use

cheap wedding gifts

Cheap wedding gifts are an ideal option for couples who cannot afford to spend much for their big day. However, cheap does not mean that it has to mean less elegant. There is always the option of choosing inexpensive yet elegant gifts for the couple. Most couples are very particular about how their wedding is reflected in their gifts and how much money they have to put aside for them.

An Overview

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One of the best inexpensive wedding gifts is a bottle of wine. Even if it is a small bottle of wine, the couple will definitely appreciate having a bottle of their favorite vintage as a memento of the occasion. There are many options when it comes to bottle wines, from online wine stores to retail stores to personal vineyard offerings. There are a lot of advantages to giving a bottle of wine. First of all, there is always a good chance that the couple will be able to make use of the bottle when they are having drinks at home.

Another inexpensive idea for cheap wedding gifts is a subscription box. For a minimal amount, a couple can purchase a discount travel membership box and use it to store travel souvenirs such as bottled water and chocolate. This is a great way to commemorate the special occasion while saving money. If the couple is going away for the weekend, the subscription box can be a great way to bring some extra souvenirs. The subscription box can be personalized with the name or initials of the happy couple. The couple can even put a picture of the bride or groom to make it more personal.

Other Wedding Gifts Ideas

There are also great wedding gifts that are more expensive but serve a purpose. A great example of this would be buying the couple a cruise vacation package instead of a hotel room for their honeymoon. Although some couples may find it a luxury to have their own room, for others, especially those who are very budget conscious, this is the only option for them.

Travel insurance is also one of the best wedding gifts for newlyweds to purchase. When a couple buys travel insurance, it could help them when there are mishaps and they don’t have enough money to pay for it. Some travelers already know how important travel insurance is, so they wouldn’t have a hard time buying one for the newlyweds. One important thing to remember is to make sure that the policy has a money back guarantee to help the newlyweds get their money back if they discover that the policy does not suit their needs.

Planning a honeymoon could also be a great idea for inexpensive wedding gifts. Couples who want to spend their honeymoon at an exotic location should think about buying them an exotic honeymoon package. Travel agents could help them find out the best hotels around the world and they could put together a tour package that will surely impress the happy couple. They can also put together honeymoon packages that cater to all interests such as music, art, culture, and so much more. If a couple loves nature, then a honeymoon to the Grand Canyon or some other adventurous place is an ideal present.

Final Tip

Wedding planners are another of the cheap wedding gifts that a couple could purchase. They would offer the services of planning the event, and if the bride and groom agree, they could even pay for all the costs of the wedding. The planners would know excellent locations where they could have a good time and the newly wed could relax while they are with their friends.


Even if a couple plans to hire a wedding planner, they can still purchase some wedding gifts for the happy couple on their own. They can choose affordable items that they like, and they can either make the items themselves or buy them from a local craft store. A lot of these items are useful, decorative, and inexpensive. If the couple is having a beach wedding, then a small basket or jewelry box might be suitable as a wedding gift.

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