Decorative Items Like Balloons, Stickers, And More Is All You Need!


Balloons are known to have their uses for entertainment purposes or decorative purposes. While other balloons are used for practical purposes like medical treatment, transportation, military defense, or meteorology.

The properties of a balloon, which includes its low cost and low density, have guided it to a comprehensive range of applications.

To lift the game of funky look of an exciting evening or noon party, balloons are always the best! 

Balloons- Decoration Item

If you talk about a giant balloon heart, it’s a special gesture that you give to your special one. So, these balloons are one of their own kind. 

You can fill your room with all these beautiful balloons to have a surprising day. Whether it’s your friend’s, husband’s, wife’s, anyone else’s birthday or wedding anniversary, this beautiful inflating thing will style your room.

Balloons For Kids

If you want to have a never-ending smile on your kid’s face; then give these beautiful balloons to them.

Other than balloons used for celebrating birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and any other entertaining occasion; So, have a look at these cute yet important things:

1. Colorful Candy Gift Boxes

 Colorful Candy Gift Boxes
Colorful Candy Gift Boxes

Benefits And Features:

  • These colorful candy gift boxes are for your family and friends
  • They are ideal for birthdays, wedding, or any other giveaway occasions
  • They are lightweight
  • Useful in storing desserts too
  • They are attractive to impress your guests!


  • Color: Deep purple, blue, light blue, rose red,  red, gold, light pink, light purple
  • Package Content: Ten Pieces Of Candy Box
  • Size: 9.5 cm * 6 cm * 5.5cm
  • Material: Beautiful and Appealing Colored Paper

2. Egyptian and Thai 3D Refrigerator Magnet

Egyptian and Thai 3D Refrigerator Magnet
Egyptian and Thai 3D Refrigerator Magnet

Magnets are one of the decorative items you can have in your rooms. You can share announcements with friends and family, memories, photos, etc.

However, you can even print your own magnets in an affordable, easy, and quick manner.

Benefits And Features:

  • Adorn your refrigerator with the help of these Egyptian and Thai 3D Refrigerator Magnet.
  • They are of handmade craft plus elegant
  • Also, The designs are in spectacular 3D
  • The different design styles include Mayan Civilization, Egyptian Pyramid, Thai Golden Buddha, Queen of Egyptian Mythology.


  • Package Content: One Refrigerator Magnet
  • Design: Material: Resin with magnet

3. Acrylic English Letters Wall Stickers

Acrylic English Letters Wall Stickers
Acrylic English Letters Wall Stickers

These Acrylic English Letters Wall Stickers are just perfect for decorations. Thus, use them at weddings, parties, and birthdays.

Benefits & Features:

  • They are self-adhesive sticker
  • They are great wall decals that have the job of making your room like a dreamy land
  • Used at home-decor or also for interior designing
  • With a full guarantee, also they are eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • They don’t lose quality with the passage of time
  • The acrylic surface of these stickers looks like a mirror, so it looks attractive.
  • They are easy to apply, also remove, shock resistance, pressure resistance, and moisture resistance
  • They are durable, thus last for a long time.


  • Size: 10cm x 8cm x 1.2cm
  • Material: Acrylic Plus EVA Foam
  • Classification: For Furniture and Walls
  • Content: Multi-Piece Package

Thus, make your parties, birthdays, and any other occasion lively with these beautiful wall stickers, magnets, balloons, and gift boxes!

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