Contemporary Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your Beloved -

Contemporary Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your Beloved

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First anniversary wedding gifts are both special, elaborate and full of love. In this section, we will give some ideas on first anniversary wedding gifts for your beloved. Do you want to surprise your beloved on this special day as you complete a year of love and bliss? Well, read on further to get some amazing ideas on anniversary gifts.

Cool electronic gadgets

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Electronic gadgets are the real buzz amongst youngsters today. Gadgets like smart watch, VR headsets, Smart speakers like Alexa are thoughtful and useful buys for your gadget freak partner. These come in all price ranges and you can choose your pick according to your budget.

Hot air balloon ride

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How about taking your beloved for an adrenaline-boosting hot air balloon ride on your anniversary this year instead of gifting them a bouquet of flowers? You can book these rides online. It surely is a worthy gift as it will help you make cherishable memories with your partner that can be treasured forever.

Picture Collage

A picture collage containing all your favorite pictures is an excellent gift on your first wedding anniversary. You can even gift a personalized collage to your spouse with all your pictures of hanging around together. You can add pictures right from the day you met to the day you got married and also add some fun honeymoon pictures later. This can be a prized possession forever.

Lavish Dinner Treat

A lavish dinner treat is not only a way to eat great food but also to spend some quality time with someone special. Treat your special person to a lavish feast to one of the best fine dining restaurants in town and make them feel how special they are in your life.

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher to your beloved to shop from one of her favorite stores can be the best gift that she has ever received. This way, they get to shop whatever they fancy and you get all the credit without going through the hassles of exchange or refunds!

Weekend Getaway

Ever thought of booking a fine resort for the weekend and surprising your spouse on your anniversary? There are many weekend getaways near big cities which include all-inclusive deals. Pick a quiet place that is popular amongst couples to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. This gift would be priceless for your love especially, if you both do not get to spend a lot of time together.

Spa package

Spa packages are often costly but they make for excellent gifts. You can gift your spouse a spa package at one of the finest spa centers in town. Let them celebrate this special day with a pampering and rejuvenating massage and grooming treatments. 

These gift ideas are beyond the usual chocolates and flowers which have kind of become quite monotonous now. Add a new spark and excitement to your first wedding anniversary gifts by choosing any of the gift ideas mentioned above.

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