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A marriage is a tie-up of two souls, the sacred bonding of two hearts. Anniversary is nothing but a day to remember the beautiful bond. People can recall the past event of marriage that took place on a particular day. However, the consequences of which rein the present of the couples. The events of history witness the essence and importance of this event. We all very well know the picture of the ancient time of 1884. The time when the silver anniversary of the prince and princess of Germany. They took silver wreath as a gift.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Couples In 2020
Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Couples In 2020

Know Why Are There Special Gifts For Anniversaries?

It’s not because gifting is a ritual. It is also not because it is a tradition that people follow since then. However, it is because it makes the bond between couples strong.  Now bringing the spotlight to the present world we see that the modern couples choose to celebrate their anniversaries in different ways, whether they restrict it back to themselves or they decide it to celebrate it with their friends and family.

What Do You Think Than From Where It All Started?

The ritual of gifting paper in the first year of marriage crystals in the 15, the, to have in 25th and by God types of researches on. Well, there have been many historical types of research about it and is found to be formulation the 1800s in the ancient Rome which popularized at the beginning of 1900s during the Victtriumphing as this was the period when love match was triumphing as said by renowned historians.

As the century proceeded media mentions of gold and silver wedding anniversaries. There were different traditions followed by cultures for the celebration of this day for example in Germany the wife wore a silver wreath and they’re beloved wore a silver buckle as a resemblance of the silver anniversary. Presents given to wives were commonly emphasized. 

Wedding Anniversary Year Division

When German authors translated to English in 1860. The addition of it on a chapter that all classes in Germany irrespective of their position in society, celebrates silver and golden weddings with fun and love for each other.

As time passed by the couples and society found new ways to celebrate their after marriage such as :

One month post-marriage makes a sugar wedding 

One year makes a paper wedding
Wood, in five of the pleasant years spent
Tin for 10
Silver for 25
Gold on 50th anniversary
And 75th Diamond

Other relevant sources describe a copper wedding as twelve and a half years and so on so forth. There are various ways which describe the different goods that the husbands gift on these specific anniversaries.

Therefore again we return to the fact that why are there special gifts for each anniversary year.

Gift For Mom Is A Very Tedious Task
Gift For Mom Is A Very Tedious Task

The mention of these is a few times infamous books. At the time of the 80s and 90s, there was a population and trend of nuclear families. There were some changes in the tradition of gifting. In fact, all of the changes were into gold gifts.

By now we find that rejoicing on this date. It was then and till now a fascinating task especially the 15th and 25th. As this was in regards as a milestone for staying together. 

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