8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Symbols Ideas

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If you are celebrating your eighth wedding anniversary, you generally get bronze or ceramics. Linens and lace gifts also commemorate the eighth anniversary in modern times. You have the option of going classic, modern, or altogether different when purchasing your partner something special to commemorate your eighth anniversary.

This post discusses 8th wedding anniversary gifts and symbols ideas. Learn about jewels, colors, and flowers that correspond to this octave of years.

Pottery And Bronze

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Copper and tin are combined to make bronze. This combination represents a powerful marriage formed by the union of two individuals who come together as one. Marriage is like a lump of clay, according to pottery symbolism. It is gradually molded into something lovely through time.


A person in a wedding dress

A trendy linen or lace present can be both functional and elegant. Lace symbolizes refined beauty and elegance, much as a marriage is a symbol of polished and perfected love. The passage of time has resulted in a delicate but powerful work of art.

Color And Gemstone

Gemstones, tourmaline and tanzanite, are associated with eighth wedding anniversaries. Tanzanite’s color is a deep cobalt blue or ultra-deep violet. Tourmaline can be found in various colors, ranging from blue to green to brown and yellow. These diamonds are also related to the color associated with the eighth wedding anniversary. 


Clematis and lilac are two flowers linked with the eighth wedding anniversary. Clematis is a lovely climber that has long been associated with intelligence and wit. Young love, beauty, pride, humility, confidence, and youthfulness are all represented by the lilac flower.

Suggestions For Your Anniversary Gifts

  • Photo of the two of you in a bronze photo frame
  • A bronze-framed piece of stock in a major corporation that you both adore.
  • Lingerie or lace gloves
  • Vases or housewares made of pottery (make it yourself, if you can)
  • Wind chimes in bronze
  • Linen bedding or a soft, fluffy blanket
  • Door knocker in bronze
  • Tanzanite or tourmaline jewelry
  • Bookends made of bronze
  • sculpture in bronze
  • Tablecloth made of lace

You can also work together to create something fresh and exciting to commemorate your love. Create something special for your home together. Since pottery is one of the traditional eighth-anniversary gifts, you can go to a pottery class together, sit at the potter’s wheel, and see what you can come up with. You can also participate in a gardening endeavor where you and your partner collaborate to plant a clematis vine in your yard. 


If you celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary, you should consider some factors before getting your partner a gift. These include symbols and ideas that symbolize your eighth anniversary. Hence, we discuss 8th wedding anniversary gifts and symbols ideas.

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