5 Thrifty Gifts For Him


You spend a lot of money and time in getting gifts for him only to find him saying, “Well, it is the thought that matters.” This can be disheartening.

After all, you have spent beyond your budget and got something exceptional for the recipient. Purchasing presents for men can be very intimidating. And we women end up spending more on a gift for him that does not seem to work. But luckily, with a bit of elbow grease and creativity, you will be able to find something to have your beau smiling. If you are on a limited budget, go through the affordable ideas below to find the right gift:

5 Thrifty Gifts For Him
5 Thrifty Gifts For Him

Shaving Baskets

Have you ever found your husband or your boyfriend complaining about the discomforts of shaving? Many nicks and ingrown hair are a result of inadequate and cheap shaving supplies. You can get a good solution to this problem by putting together a luxe shaving basket. Your basket should have a brush, razor blade, and shaving cream. It should also contain an aftershave. The cost of all these items will not be more than getting a pre-assembled shaving kit that is of no use and quite expensive as well.

Love Coupons: Great Gifts For Him

These might seem commonplace. However, you have the option of using this old idea to make your man feel special. Personalize them and see how it works as a great gift for him. Try playing it safe by going for coupons for kisses and dates. Also, some exclusive touches and humor can be useful in making the present stand out. For example, you can get coupons for movies or pedicures.

Work Survival Gear

Men always have some rough situations at work. During such phases, they seem to be quite impatient and angry about things going around. You can work on making things a bit smoother for your man by buying him a work survival gear. This can be a DIY project where you get to show your creativity. Get a basket or container and wrap it beautifully with colored paper. Now, fill it with everything your guy loves. These can be his favorite food products, snacks, love notes, little jokes, office supplies, crosswords and puzzles, family photos, and so on.

Bathroom Reading Supplies

If your man loves reading in the bathroom, get him some reading material and magazine. Also, arrange a magazine rack in the washroom for him to feel comfortable. He will surely appreciate the initiative you have taken into making the living environment better at home. Nevertheless, if you are short on budget, create your very own list of jokes and interesting facts. Get them printed, bind them, and let alone in the lavatory for your man to read.

5 Thrifty Gifts For Him
5 Thrifty Gifts For Him

Customized Fishing Lures

What better gift for the fishing enthusiast in your life? Make him a pair of fishing lures with his name etched on them. You have the option of using plastic beads on the wire. Use any design or pattern of your choice.

If these ideas do not work for you, then go a gift straight from your heart. It will be your support, your affection, and your undying love for him.