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5 Experiences That Make Great Presents

5 Experiences That Make Great Presents

Receiving a gift from someone is in itself a great experience. But choosing a suitable gift becomes an overwhelming task when trying to gift someone who has everything. Every individual has a certain hard-to-buy relative or friend in his life. If you have already exhausted all the common ideas on giving something special to people, why not work on experiences.

Is your recipient the type of person who likes cruising or flying? Is he a car enthusiast with a kick for driving vintage vehicles? If so, then a new experience in the form of driving or going to a new place might serve as a great gift. Have a look at the options below:

5 Experiences That Make Great Presents
5 Experiences That Make Great Presents

Offer Olympic Experiences

Cycling and other sports events during the Olympics serve as great gifts. However, for riding enthusiasts, buying tickets for bike riding events can also work. But be very careful with such gifts. Make sure to arrange for instructors for the recipients to ride under supervision. Newbies will not be able to tackle certain situations without proper instructions.

How About Experiencing The Longest Slide In The World?

If you think that slides are only for children, then you are wrong. Even adults love slides, especially when it is a 178-meter long slide. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is the world’s longest slide which takes around 40 seconds to come down. It hits the speed of approximately 24 kilometers per hour. The speed might not sound too fast, but it speaks of 12 sharp turns that can be quite thrilling. Nothing can be more exciting than gifting this slide experience to a near one.

Outdoor Cooking Classes: Experiences

For the ones who love adventure, outdoor cooking classes can be superb experience gifts. Adventure lovers and campers need to travel a lot. The majority of these individuals have good camping skills. They know how to survive the outdoors.

Nevertheless, there are situations when they need to cook on an open flame. This is where many campers lag. So, offering a barbeque cooking class as a gift would be a great experience. They will learn different roasting and baking techniques without the use of gadgets. This way, you can make their camping vacations better.

5 Experiences That Make Great Presents
5 Experiences That Make Great Presents

Treetop Adventure: Experiences

A recent trend in gift-giving is offering people the scope of experiencing life on a treetop. Treetop adventures offer great experiences where people move from one tree to another without touching the ground. Such adventures are generally set in stunning forests and parks. There are even treetop obstacle ranges consisting of vertiginous ladders, rope bridges, and zip wires. Also, these adventures do not come with time limits. This means every individual can handle the course at his own pace.

Offering The Potential To Fly

People who are on the lookout of thrilling activities will surely love skydiving. This sport offers the same feeling as falling through the open air. With one-to-one instructions, such flights are a great experience for people who love adventure.

These are just a few experiences that make great gifts. There are others you can also go through to make your gift stand out.

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