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2 Japan Business Gifts To Gift To Other Japanese Businessmen To Mark The First Impression

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In every culture, giving a gift is considered a special thing. But, in Japan, it is the most special thing you could have ever given to someone. It exhibits respect. Appreciation, gratitude, and friendship. Although, giving a gift reflects self-gratification. This is one of the best ways to strengthen any bond or relationship. But, for Japanese people, the act of giving the gift is more important than the gift itself. There are many things one should keep in mind while giving in japan business gifts. We will discuss all of the things that are important while presenting a gift. And then, we will tell you what japan business gifts you can give for different purposes. Lets, get started.

In Japan- Business Gifts Are Not Just Gift Remember These Points While Giving A Gift

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Consider all the points while presenting a gift to any business member in Japan. For them, it is a very respectful thing. Also, who doesn’t want to crack business deals with Japanese companies? To mark the impression, read all the points carefully.

  • Always give the gifts with both of the hands, not just one hand. It shows utmost respect.
  • Don’t present a gift if the negotiations are still going on, and it may look insincere.
  • Always have gust for everybody, you cannot simply give the gift to one person while others are standing nearby.
  • Make sure the gift is properly boxed/wrapped before you present it. Do not use the color white. In Japan, it is the symbol of death.
  • Also, if you will gift something that is dear to your heart, it will be more appreciated. 

Types Of Japan Business Gifts To Gift For Different Purposes

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If You Have A Business Meeting In Japan 

If you are going overseas for a business meeting, you will be treated with the utmost hospitality. So, kindly consider paying them back by giving a high-quality and precious gift to your other business associates. Something like a high-quality pen or cardholder is considered the best option.

When Attending A Wedding Or Funeral 

If you are attending a funeral or a wedding, in both cases, money is the only appropriate thing that you can give. You can ask your co-worker to help you out. But, you must show different etiquettes in both situations.


Japanese business gifts are considered a very special thi8ng. One needs to understand, and even if you are living in Japan, you need to follow all the protocols while presenting a gift. You must be respectful to other business associates as well. It is not necessary, but while working in Japanese companies, you may be invited to a wedding, etc. In this case, you can follow the above guidelines.

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